Be Productive With The Best Activity Tracker For Windows

An activity time tracker is an indispensable time management tool that helps various companies and professional freelancers. They tend to embrace the tool as it is convenient to operate and saves precious time and money as well. It offers a more organized and efficient way to get things done. Considering this, we are introducing you to one of the best Activity Tracker Windows.

Timefibers tracker is described as the automated time tracker, powered by AI. It specifically tracks how you spend your time on distinct websites and applications. It doesn’t incorporate any manual time entry, start/stop buttons or finicky timers. Every single activity that you do is automatically categorized so that you can keep a check on the time you spend on specific websites, projects and applications. It helps you measure your daily productivity.

Following Are Some Of The Features Offered By Timefibers Tracker:

Tracking And Categorization Of Screen Activities

Timefibers is an ingenious Activity Tracker Windows that automatically tracks your on-screen activity and allocates every minute you spend in the precise category.

Time Tracking

Timefibers can also be described as the web activity time tracker as you get additional time reports in the premium subscriptions. You get precise insights into how you are spending your time. This helps you to keep a track of your activities and enhance your productivity level. 

Goals Reports And Real-Time Notifications

This web activity time tracker allows you to set notifications for how you want to invest your time. It can be spending more time on your daily projects or investing 2 hours on social media. You can set your goals and afterwards keep tabs on your progress with alerts.

Projects And Keywords Reports

Timefibers web activity time tracker allows you to keep a track of the time that you spent on each project or client. You can select various keywords to find your activities, for instance,, Facebook, Timefibers, Firefox, etc. It will help you to monitor your endeavors.

Advanced Time Filters And Custom Work Hours

Timefibers web activity time tracker confines the data in your goals, reports or alerts to explicit days and additionally explicit times of the day. You can choose the times of the week that you are keen on, just as explicit time ranges on every day (for instance: Mon, Tues, Wed - 10 am- 7 pm).

All the above features make Timefibers one of the best Activity Tracker Windows for various professional freelancers and companies out there.

A Brief Insight Into The Working of Timefibers Tracker:

  • The Timefibers client application runs safely in the background on your computer.
  • The application efficiently tracks the time you spend on distinct websites and apps and offers you the precise picture of your day. It helps you to gauge your daily productivity.
  • Offers you comprehensive reports and data based on your activity. It also gives you alerts of the goals that you set for specific days.

How To Download Timefibers Desktop App?

You can either go with the basic plan, or can purchase the premium plan for getting more facilitated with the amazing features of the software, such as real-time notifications, custom work hours, advanced time filters, and projects and keyword reports. Download Link: