Get To Know About The Remote Work Time Tracking Software

Are you worried about whether your remote workforce is working or not? Are they investing the ideal time in the assigned tasks? Well, don’t be as with the appropriate remote time tracking software you can easily keep an eye on your remote employees. The software keeps a track of how many hours a remote employee spends on the assigned tasks, website or application. 

This helps you to get a clear picture of what they are up to during their work hours. With the ideal remote work time tracking software, you can monitor your employees as if they are working on the desk right next to you. Simple and automated time tracking ensure that they are doing their job efficiently.

Features Of Remote Work Time Tracking Software- Timefibers

Any time tracking whatsoever is superior to none, yet the arrangement of time tracking you pick is significant, as a lumbering framework will bring about workers fail to utilize it – which is probably pretty much as advantageous as having no framework by any means.

Therefore, we are introducing you to the features of one of the best remote time tracking software in the industry, that is Timefibers. It is an innovative solution that automatically captures the on-screen activity of your employees and attributes the time spent in the correct category. It enhances the productivity of your team, which automatically results in higher profitability.

Let’s Dive Into The Features Now:

  • Track time from anywhere- You can keep full track of your remote employees. Check when they are clocking in and out, how many hours they actually invest during their working hours and when they take breaks.
  • Real-time monitoring- You can check what your employees are currently doing at any time during working hours. 
  • It will help you keep a track of their overall productivity. With the help of remote work time tracking software, you can check which applications and websites your employees use frequently.
  • Productivity monitoring- Timefibers Remote Work Tracking Software automatically categorizes the time that your remote team spends on specific apps, websites and projects. 
  • It gets categorized into distinct categories including productive, distracting and neutral. With this, you can gauge the daily productivity of your team.
  • Productivity pulse reports- The activities of your remote workforce are automatically assembled in the inbuilt categories along with the productivity scores. It covers various applications and websites. You can even tweak the categories and productivity scores as per your needs.

How To Download Timefibers Desktop App?

Timefibers Remote Work Tracking Software offers you two plans- Basic and premium. The Basic one incorporates automated time tracking, productivity pulse reports and unlimited historical data. On the other hand, the premium one includes all free features, projects and keywords reports, detailed trends and powerful reports, goals and real-time notifications along with advanced time filters and customized working hours. 

You can choose the plan as per your needs and track the activities of your remote workforce. It will definitely enhance your business standards. Download Link: