Timefibers Premium Features

Automatically track and get insights on how you spend your time on apps and websites.
No manual time entry, finicky timers, or start/stop buttons required. With so many distractions and possibilities

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Screen activities tracking and categorization

Timefibers is an innovative solution that automatically captures your on-screen activity and automatically attributes each minute you spend to the correct category.

Screen activities
Entertainment productivity report

Powerful reports to learn about your time

Timefibers premium subscriptions come with several additional reports that give you new insights about how you are spending your time. You will be able to learn things like:

Daily patterns: Do you spend more time on email in the morning or the afternoon?

Changes over time: Has your time in meetings been trending up over the past few months?

Goals reports and real-time notifications

Set Timefibers notifications for how you want to spend your time — whether that means less time on social media or writing for 2 hours a day — and then track your progress with Alerts.

Productivity goals report
Projects report

Projects and keywords reports

Projects allows you to automatically track and show how much time you spent on each project or client. Choose keywords to find actvities by names or documents (i.e. timefibers, facebook, youtube.com, firefox etc.), and we will help you keep track of your efforts.

Advanced Time filters

Time filters restrict the data in your reports, goals, or alerts to specific days and/or specific times of day. You can select the days of the week that you are interested in, as well as specific time spans on each day (example: Mon, Wed, Friday - 9am-5pm).

Productivity time filters